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Our Northern Ireland network brings together Money Guiders to learn and share best practice and connect communities of practitioners.

Together we celebrate the valuable role and work that Money Guiders deliver.

Money Guiders NI Network is a growing community of Money Guiders across the country that is free for you to join.

Our network connects all type of practitioners. The idea is simple: we can all learn from each other and develop professionally together

We are lead by our mission to create as many engaging opportunities as possible for as many practitioners as possible - to talk to each other, learn together, share their experiences, and record what happens as a result.

As part of the Money Guiders NI Network, you’ll have access to free resources, events and learning opportunities based around your needs. This is also your ideal space to try out new ideas.

Free features of the network include access to:

  1. Developmental events, activities and updates
    Coordinated by Reed in Partnership, but influenced by you - these include monthly meetings, peer mentoring groups, newsletter bulletins, shared learning, debates and discussion session with guaranteed learning outcomes.

  2. Money Guidance Competency Framework
    Defining the core competencies for good, safe money guidance.

  3. Framework guidance, mapping and development tools
    Navigate the Framework, assess skills and identify training gaps.

  4. MaPs e-learning resources and a money guidance recognition award
    Available for pilot partners signing up with the Money and Pensions Service, learning resources complementing in-house training.

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About us

Reed in Partnership is providing the Money Guiders NI Network on behalf of the Money & Pensions Service.

The Network is a pilot that will be evaluated by Revealing Reality, a research agency.

The Money Guiders programme has been developed over two years with multiple sectors and their frontline employees.

It is designed by money guidance and professional development experts and covers every aspect of money guidance, from foundation skills and behaviours to signposting and guidance across 12 technical domains.

You can find out more about it 

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Company Number: 00851645. Registered in the UK.
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Upcoming events

Fraud Awareness Session with Danske Bank

Wednesday 15th of June at 11am

The Money Guiders NI Network welcomes Danske Bank for a session on Fraud Awareness. Fraud has reached epidemic levels and is now the crime that adults are most likely to suffer in the UK. The ‘typical’ fraud victim is aged 25-54 and more likely to be in a professional occupation. The scale of this crime means that you can’t stop yourself from being a target, but you can stop yourself from being a victim. In this session we will use audio and visual aids to help you understand the ways fraudsters will target you and your family and friends. We will also provide the simple, yet effective ways you can protect yourself.


Plain Numbers - Improving Communications About Money

Thursday 30th of June at 11:30am

We are excited to be joined by Plain Numbers on the 30th of June at 11:30am for a Money Guiders Network UK-wide Event. Plain Numbers are on a mission to make sure numbers are communicated in a way that people can understand and help people make informed decisions. The objective of the sessions is to support strong transferable skills within money guidance practitioners across the UK.

This is essential in helping practitioners and consumers navigate all communications about money, including those who access money guidance.

We hope you can join us for the 40-minute session where Ben Perkins (Head of Operations) will share insights from the work of Plain Numbers. The session will cover:

  • The scale of poor numeracy in the UK
  • Maths anxiety
  • How people who need money guidance might be impacted by their numeracy skills or confidence
  • The evidence around poor consumer comprehension, including the gap between perceived comprehension and actual comprehension and how this impacts the money guidance and advice sector.
  • Examples of communicating in Plain Numbers and the difference it makes
  • Some key principles to think about when communicating numbers

The session aims to give you an awareness of a key vulnerabilities and some crucial principles to remember when you are navigating number heavy communications with clients.


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Membership is open to all Northern Ireland based Money Guider practitioners. It does not matter what role or sector you are based in: if you are delivering non-regulated money guidance to individuals or groups you will benefit from being part of the Network.

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